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Nurse Sigler

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Sigler, Mrs.

A Day with the School Nurse

The Nurse preforms the following duties:

  •  works with local and state health departments on H1N1 vaccines   
  • Assist students at meal time tube feedings
  • Assist students who take MEDICATIONS during school hours
  • Monitors Diabetic Students Studnets who have Seizures
  • Gives Employee Injections and Conducts Bp checks
  • Assist with Emergencies that arise during the school day.
  • Audit Immunization Records(Blue Shot Records)
  • Pre K Vision hearing screenings
  • PreK height weight screenings
  • Teach Hygiene Classes for Students
  • Teach Dental Classes for Students
  • Teach Puberty Classes for 5th adn 6th grade students with parent premission
  • Assist with Scoliosis screenings For 11yr. – 14 yr

The Nurse Assists Students with the following:

  1. Basic 1st aid
  2. Takes tempertures
  3. splinters
  4. Deals with nose bleeds
  5. nausea vomiting
  6. cuts scraps
  7. headaches
  8. emergencies